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Saturday 18th June 2022

See attached Map. Walk starts and finishes at Killeshandra Community Hall, H12RY23

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The route is 35.5km / 22.06 Miles starting and finishing at Killeshandra Community Hall, H12RY23.

The route is 35.5km / 22.06 Miles starting and finishing at KilleshandraCommunity Hall.

Be clear that the Killeshandra Camino is physically demanding & you should only attempt it if you have regular experience of walking 10km without stopping. Do not register if you are carrying an injury, have any underlying medical conditions or have no experience of walking long distances. This is not a run or a race.  The walk is not suitable for children under 14 even with adult supervision.

The Camino route incorporates tarred roads, gravel paths, forest tracks and grassy trails. This is a hilly walk as you are in Drumlin country.

When walking on open public roads remember Rules of the Road must be obeyed.

The Killeshandra Camino is self-led. It follows a way-marked trail and walkers should look out for the timber posts with the yellow walker on them. There will be walk leaders interspersed among the walkers should you require assistance.

Depending on your speed, the walk will take between 6 and 8 hours.


 In the interests of safety all walkers must reach the two food stops (6 miles and 14 miles before the two sweep-up marshalls. Walkers unable to achieve this very modest pace must accept a lift to the next food stop or exit the walk and proceed at their own risk.

Registration is open now through this website using Eventmaster. There are five departure times -7.00am / 7.30am / 8.00am / 8.30 and 9.00am. 


Tickets for the Killeshandra Camino 2022 cost €40 (plus booking fee).  This includes Camino passport/map, light refreshments en route, dinner on return to Killeshandra Community Hall (dinner will be served between 2pm and 7pm) and a commemorative Killeshandra Camino Certificate of completion for every walker.

Camino Passport can be stamped at various refreshment stops.

Registration fees are non-refundable except in the case of the event being cancelled.Check that you are free on 18th June 2022 before booking a place as we do not refund or re-sell tickets once they have been booked.

There is ample parking in Killeshandra on Main Street and off street.

Killeshandra has a hotel and numerous B&Bs including airbnbs and self-catering, across all price ranges.

Make sure that whatever you wear is comfortable and well-worn in.  

Killeshandra Camino route is a safe walking route. It is the outdoors and each walker is expected to equip themselves suitably for the trip. The following should be carried by each walker:

Sufficient Water

Some food

Appropriate Clothing – Rain gear warm jacket/fleece, sun hat/woollen cap etc

Boots or sturdy walking shoes which should be waterproof.    You should check the weather forecast in advance of the event and dress accordingly on the day

People bring a myriad of other things like walking poles, insect spray, sun cream, whatever they think they will need or want on the walk. but remember to bring a charged mobile phone in case of emergency or if you just want to go home.

Walkers should use the toilets in Killeshanrda Community Hall before departing.  Walkers should prepare for toileting outdoors by bringing tissues / baby wipes and nappy bags to “leave no trace”.

Walkers should bring their own packed lunch and drink to consume on the trek.

At entrance to Killykeen and Croghan Presbyterian Church walkers will be offered complimentary drinks and light refreshments.

A hot dinner and tea/coffee will be served to walkers in Killeshandra Community Hall after the walk. Meals will be served between and 7pm

Walkers’ safety is our primary concern in this event and there will be a safety briefing in Killeshandra before departure. Road junctions will be stewarded and walkers should exercise great caution in crossing these busy roads.

Keep away from open water at lakes and rivers en-route. An edge of a bank can give way, and none of our stewards are lifeguards. Do not approach animals in fields or dogs on roadways. 

Respect for the countryside – Please do not enter any private property, not included in the event or deposit any litter. (Bins will be provided at designated points on the route and at the end. If not deposited there, please take your waste home.)  

If I get injured or can’t continue? There will be a “sweep up” vehicle in operation to collect those who may feel unable to continue and return them to Killeshandra Community Hall. Emergency Number will be provided on event documentation.

First Aiders will be on duty during the walk to deal with any minor accidents and incidents.

The Killeshandra Camino requires all walkers to register in Killeshandra Community Hall on the morning of the walk .We must be certain who is on the trail that day, distribute safety briefing, passport and map etc. We cannot take responsibility for anyone who joins in along the way.

Yes, once you’ve registered you can collect sponsorship for any charity you choose once the appropriate permissions have been granted.

Please keep an eye on & Killeshandra Camino Calling Facebook page for any updates.

This is a long walk so be prepared!!!

Check the weather forecast for the day! – So, have appropriate footwear, clothing, sun lotion, etc.  

If you have never done a walk of this length before, speak to someone who has for tips and advice on how to best prepare yourself for one, how you may potentially feel afterwards, etc!  

Fáilte chuig Cill na Sean Rátha suite in lár conic, locha agus haibhneacha. Is áit fíor álainn í fósta in aice le Páirc Foraisce Choille Chaoin.